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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
Actually, I'm pretty neutral on that--hearing from you.

We all have our biases--for me, when I don't have first-hand information, I tend to trust what goes into all the different levels of review leading to a conviction by jury. Just sayin', in the interest of open communication.

So, if I understand things rightly, your appeal will center on questions of law, and not on facts already presented. If that's the case, would you answer a few questions?

I'm dying to know how your Oly ended up with a selector that rotates 180*, to the third position.

We are not to the appeal process yet. There are a few things that happened that has caused us to have a hearing scheduled with the judge. At the hearing it will be decided if the jury verdict gets set aside and I go back for a proper trial, or if it is a full acquittal. If he wants nothing to do with it then he has to come up with a sentence. Then we can move several questions of law to the appeals court. I personally do not see this moving forward without getting reversed. Too many things happened that shouldn’t. There is a lot of information that is not out here yet, and I am under a gag order not to talk about it. I will say if you think what you have currently heard about the governments conduct in this case is bad, you haven't heard squat yet.

But back to the basic thing many are asking, is there stuff that has not been publicly disclosed yet? YES. But I can't be the one to bring it up right now. Best person for first hand information is Len Savage; he can say some of the things I can't, but not all.

And as for m16 parts in AR-15's, it was a common practice years ago to use them, selectors included. And this particular gun is one of the same make and models recalled for the use of them in the mid 80's (when it was made). The manufacture has documentation of this, but the government precluded us from showing it to the judge and jury. Len Savage did testify to that though after consulting with Olympic Arms on the issue though. You will see that when the full transcripts come out.
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