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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Some facts I gleemed from this.

1. He sold how to make silencer/full auto books at gunshows.
2. There were several 80% receivers in the proccess of being made into guns in his home.
3. He had worked on this gun extensively.
4. The selector switch freely rotated past the semi position, and into the 3rd/auto position. And fired full auto.

Now, any of those is legal, save 4, but when you add them all up, it really looks suspicious......
Plus, when did the Army start using Drill Instructors?
And he KNOWS an AR-15 rifle doesn't look remotely like a machine gun? Because he's NG, and KNOWS what a machine gun looks like.
Sadly, I think he, or the guy he lent the rifle to tried converting it and got caught.
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