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Originally Posted by TuppyFinn View Post
About 15 years ago I got into a confrontation with someone, whom I have reason to believe, was a cocaine addict. I decided to start carrying a .32 in my back pocket and a .45 in a range bag.

About five years ago, I was paying a cashier at a convenience store and she asked me for help. She thought the only other patron was going to rob her, and I have to admit she had good reason for believing this. I didn't think my .32 was up to the challenge so I told her I'd be right back. Sounds like Arnold doesn't it? Anyway it took a couple of minutes for me to get my .45 and holster. When I returned to the store the presumed BG had left. Since then I decided to carry something more powerful.
.32's are now prohibited weapons in Canada. Too many guys getting shot full of holes while trying to stop BGs? Nope. The government just decided they were bad guns.... now they are registering all firearms in the country. Wonder what could be next? England. Australia. So glad I am Yankee and 4-5 years from retirement back to the south. \

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