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Originally Posted by coachg View Post
I decided to carry when I finally accepted that society is going in the wrong direction and i learned that it really doesn't matter who is pretending to run the country. When the SHTF in the next few years after the economy collapses and the NAU comes online I decided I better be prepared.

In PA it's a no-brainer. Walked into the Sheriff's office. Put down $46 and within 1/2 hour was walking out with my laminated CCW.
Laminated? Laminated?!!?
All I got from PA was a small piece of paper with my photograph scotch taped to it and my particulars on it. Looks more like a coat check stub than anything else. Guess they are laminating them now... mine is about a year old and I love PA and its AG... a guy with bazongas. Still, Phily can be some scarey place especially after dark.

All I want for Christmas now is a nationwide recognized reciprocity law. You got a PA CCW license? Good in ALL states of the union, like your driver's license. Make sense?

And to the fellow posting about the .32? First, I would be very careful about getting in the way of someone who might be having a domestic and I would be very careful about "brandishing". However, you have the right idea about guns for self defense... come big or don't come at all. I carry 9mm at a bare minimum but much prefer to carry a .45 with at least 8 - 10 rounds of fast, light JHP. And the fact is that I do unless circumstances dictate otherwise... it depends on my dress code for the moment; my cover garment really dictates what I carry. If I am wearing a jacket I will be carrying a .45 for sure. Otherwise it's a 9mm with Gold Dots or Federal Hydra Shock Law Enforcement Self Defense whatever. The best possible tools for the job always. And leave the policing to the police if possible.... it is a tough call but training is a big help. Plenty of training. Don't get yourself in the middle of something that is not what you think it is.... and if you do happen to get yourself in the middle of something, be trained. At the very least do you know the best ways to avoid taking a hit yourself? Always move sideways if possible. Always increase distance if possible. Always play for cover if possible. The BG's plans get all messed up. Just don't let a lucky shot take off the top of your head like my friend's dad did some 45 years ago by a prominent local bandit. He had the drop on the BG but was a nice guy and hollered something at him... like "stop or I'll shoot". The BG swung around, shooting from the hip and planted a big one right between his eyes taking the top of his skull right off. It landed two stories up on the balcony of an apartment building that ANOTHER friend lived in. You cannot make sXXt like this up. I was about ten years old at the time. I was playing in the park across the street when it all took place in an otherwise quiet uneventful neighborhood. There has not been a shooting in the neighborhood since with the exception of a fellow who shot his wife in a domestic about 30 years ago. Nuff said here. Sorry to babble along. Mr. Blanc, BTW, did not carry a gun. He was in the bank manager's office and bank managers at that time all had revolvers .38/.357's. He didn't stand a chance at that range. The "Beatle Bandit" was using a sawed off something.
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