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Originally Posted by Glock1911 View Post
I like the idea of being able to legally carry for protection, but to me this is a form of registration, which I oppose.
I'm disabled and know that I could be an easy target for those who would do me and my loved ones harm. Perhaps I'm being delusional in fearing CCW as a form of registration. Perhaps those that would take my guns already know what kind and how many I already have, and not getting a CCW because of my resistance to a form of registration is futile.
My wife thinks that my acquisition of firearms and ammo is not warranted because we live in a rural area that is relatively devoid of crime. I disagree and will continue to acquire, possess and practice with those firearms that I own and those that I will acquire in the future for as long as I am able.
I live in a state where it is legal to "open carry" and legal to carry concealed with the ammo (mag or speed loader) removed and in separate pocket(better than a rock or knife). I've legally packed a gun for years. CCW? I don't know.
If they come to take your guns because of the "registration" you filled out, it's time to use them. Until then there's no reason to irrationally fear the government, that they'll take your guns.

Until then, at least.
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