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I don't know...

I like the idea of being able to legally carry for protection, but to me this is a form of registration, which I oppose.
I'm disabled and know that I could be an easy target for those who would do me and my loved ones harm. Perhaps I'm being delusional in fearing CCW as a form of registration. Perhaps those that would take my guns already know what kind and how many I already have, and not getting a CCW because of my resistance to a form of registration is futile.
My wife thinks that my acquisition of firearms and ammo is not warranted because we live in a rural area that is relatively devoid of crime. I disagree and will continue to acquire, possess and practice with those firearms that I own and those that I will acquire in the future for as long as I am able.
I live in a state where it is legal to "open carry" and legal to carry concealed with the ammo (mag or speed loader) removed and in separate pocket(better than a rock or knife). I've legally packed a gun for years. CCW? I don't know.

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