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Originally Posted by badge4436 View Post
That's what FBI studies in the past have said after studying a few years worth of police gunfights.

However since the event of the wonder-nine in police work shots fired must have gone up on the part of the police. I know of several recent events where the young coppers are busting ten or more caps in an event where we had to settle it in six back in "the day." (I think G27Chief might back me up on this.) I made the transition to the semi-auto (Beretta 92F) in my career and never felt that comfortable with it compared to the revolver.
We were trained in a different way. Marksmanship, with an emphasis on speed. The wonder nine, "hollywoodized" gun fight thinking with the spray and pray technique. Some, well hell probally more then we wish to know pick up the weapon once a year on the range. I knew of some before the passage og a POST rule that had not received firearms training since the academy. I go with the shot placement and stopping the threat technique. Get on target quickly, and stay there until the threat is gone.

Giving up my model 686 for the 5903, I would still fire the same practice strings as before 2 then 1. Now a G27, 23 or 22 and I feel fine in the ability to perform my duty.

I will reply REM SP10, One BG 2 rounds of 38+p+ at 23.5' hits in the upper left quadrant of the chest just right of center. BG stopped, still doing time in his wheelchair, paralyzed from the nipples down. That was 21 years ago, dark of night, no weapon mounted flashlight, night sites, 15 round magazines, and a AR 15 was somthing they had down at the National Guard Armory. We made it through, but now the idea of no patrol carbine, or surefires, is almost unimaginable.
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