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Ok I give up
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Originally Posted by h2o-5o View Post
IMO, a realistic analysis of a SD situation leaves me comfortable with a J-frame. To use deadly force against someone, you must be able to articulate why you felt your life was in immediate danger. Quite frankly, if three or more assailants are using weapons against me, I really don't think I could draw a $2000 custom 1911 from concealment and stop them, at least not before at least one would be able to pull the trigger.

On the other hand, if proper tactics and cover are utilized, in all likelihood the rest will turn tail and run, after I fire the first shot into one of them.

I am firmly convinced that a large percentage of folks who tout the "latest and greatest" autoloader, are envisioning themselves being Todd Jarrett or Rob Leatham at an IPSC event.
I must say that this post better describes any of them so far.
And yes most of the other posts have some valid points but this one seems to me the most logical. Most "gun fights" wont last past a few rounds or so i don't think. (IMHO only )
One poster mentioned useing their .38 until they can get to their auto that is in the car or house,by that time it is either too late or the BG is gone.
just my nickels worth for what its worth.
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