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Originally Posted by Eddie C. View Post
Quick question for you knife aficionado's..... How do I go about ordering a Kydex sheath. I don't know who to order from, I don't want to send the knife out to be fit, but I want an excellent fit, and something that looks great. Am I out of my mind? Scratch that. My family tells me that I am all the time anyways. Better I being unrealistic? I have one suggestion from GT's Myth that Tactical Ops is a good choice. Any others?

How do I order one? Give them measurements?

Simply the best kydex sheaths I have seen (with kydex you MUST send it out) is with Bladetech. I have a good LEO friend that sends all of his knives (customs) to Bladetech for sheathing. You will also have great results with
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