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Hurricane Rita evacuation. First time i ever loaded my M4 in my house, then I realized that I couldn't carry - not the M4, but my handguns because I didn't have a carry permit, nor did TX allow car carry back then. Followed my wife all the way through the jam-packed traffic that moved at 1 mile/hour with all my guns locked in cases on my back seat - not a comforting thing, but luckily things did not turn bad.

Got my CHL right after. Another reason was because I am not a citizen and i am always subject to checks when illegals could have just lied on the form.

Didn't carry for a long time and only did some car carry. Then one day 4 of us went to a club which was located at a far end of a very dark and deserted parking lot, far away from all the traffic. The club was terrible - no customers, so we decided to leave. Once we got into my car, a black SUV pulled right behind me and blocked us in. I could only drive forward into the club. For a long time, the SUV just sat there with no light no movement. I went to my gun stored in my console, but realized that i had left it with a gunsmith. I was sweating and was fully expecting some guys to jump out and proceed to rob us. Should that happen, I decided to drive into the club. Luckily, it was a carload of some girls.

Since then, always carried.
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