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I started to carry because a couple of years ago, I was hanging out talking to some friends in a parking lot late at night. We were approached my a couple of guys, all was fine until they both pulled out there pistols (.38 snubbies, I think). The made us line up and lay on the ground. In my mind it was going to be execution style. The guys hands were shaking so much, I thought we were going to get shot because of an AD. Long story short, they just wanted our cars. Luckily they did not take mine (they could not drive a manual transmission). Sucked to be the friends who had automatics.

Since then, my first wife was NOT for CCW. My new wife is all for it!!!! As a matter of fact she also has her CCW permit and carries a Beretta Tomcat. She thinks the Glock is to bulky for her. So, it took me awhile to get the CCW permit, but I have it now and I almost NEVER leave home without it.

Before I get hammered on this..........I was alot younger then and I realize now that I should NEVER have put myself in that position. There was no reason to be hanging out in a parking lot late at night. NOTHING good every comes from stuff like that!!! I am just glad I am here telling my story.
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