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My father ran a auto salvage business for 50 years. When I was a kid I remember the guys who worked for him. Most of them had done time in the county jail and several had done hard time in the state prison. Dad was robbed and beaten more than once back in the 60's and 70's. Today he would have been killed. My dad was physically a very strong man. He didn't like guns, because of the killing he had seen during his two tours of duty in Korean War. He had beaten serveral of his attackers off, some he didn't but he survived.

As a little boy my heros like all little boys were police officers and Batman. They fought crime and put the bad guys away. I wanted to be like them. So, now I have a Batbelt a black and white car and put bad guy and gals in jail. Just wished I had arms and a stomach like Batman.
Life's too short to carry an ugly gun.

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