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A few years ago, while I was on my morning walk, I was accosted by two dogs. One of them was a stray; the other was a neighbor's dog that had obviously gotten out. I'm never too worried about a single dog - you can usually stare it down or order it away. But with multiples, the entire equation changes. I tried staring them down and giving orders, then when that didn't do anything, I slowly backed away from them down the street toward my house. When they split up and started circling me in opposite directions, I knew I was in serious trouble. I called my wife to come get me, then called 911. I was maybe 800 feet from my front door, in a good neighborhood, in one of the safest cities in the United States, in broad daylight. And in fear for my life. I never felt so stupid reaching for a cell phone. It seemed to take forever for my wife to get out of the house, into the car, and scare them off and pick me up. It was at least another 20 minutes for the 911 call to generate any response.

It was this experience that taught me that you should always be prepared for the worst thing to happen, no matter where you are. It also reinforced the fact that the police will not get there in time to save you.
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