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When I was a young teen living at home, 2 bad guys tried to break into our house, luckily we lived on a very busy street, they moved on after about 5-6 min of pounding and kicking at our front door. They were arrested 30 min later on the street behind us and were later charged with several B&Es.

I'm now 39 and have a family of my own. About 4 months ago, it was a hot night, my wife wanted one of our bedroom windows open, I opened it up about half way, turned on the fan and we both went to bed. In the morning, when I woke up, I noticed that the screen to the window was raised up half way. I thought this was strange and called my wife, she said that when she got up, she found our cat,which is an indoor cat, in our screen room in the back of the house. So the cat had jumped out the open window. The screen was closed when I opened the window.

I then went outside to check things out and found that my 15yr old daughters screen was raised up as well, luckily her windows were closed and locked. 3 weeks later I purchased my first handgun, a Glock 17, I will be taking my CCW class on Dec. 15th. I've been hitting this website hard for weeks, learning as much as I can in order to protect my family, and myself.
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