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Originally Posted by RHVEtte View Post
Talk to cops, the only real, uninterpreted way to carry a gun in your car, going to the range, ect, is to have a CCW. Forget what you heard, in a paper bag, in the trunk unloaded, on the dash, exposed on your hip...
That's why I got my CCW. I asked ten different people (5 LEOs) and got 10 different answers. So, I said screw it, got the CCW, now they can't screw with me for having a gun in the car. BTW, I don't have a problem with cops, it's just my luck that the cop that pulls me over has an ego problem and knows some BS 50 year old clause that ends with me being totally screwed.
For anybody that worried about it who can't legally carry:

Unloaded gun in locked container, such as a safe.

Ammunition separate from gun.

If applicable, in trunk of car.

Legaly in any jurisdiction you can legally possess the gun in question.
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