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I got through the first 100 posts before skipping to post my own. I would first like to those of you that have been victims " Glad your here to tell your stories

I have always known I would get a permit and carry. As of this post. My Permit is still in the mail. I am 31 years of age. IMO I waited too long.

I grew up just outside NYC. My fathers business, which he owned 'till I was 25, and worked with for over 7 years, took me to some of the worst areas in that city. I have also seen enough atrocities around me to convince myself a permit, and the ability to carry was certainly in order.

Having lived in NY and Miami proper, I never ordered a permit. In NY the comom Knowledge is that you don't get a CCW unless you own a business, have been attacked or have political connections. In FL, until now, I was just lazy about it. For the record, I grew up in Nassau County NY. This is Chuck Shumers backyard, as well as, Carolyn McArthy. I remember when her Husband and Son were brutally murdered. I have been present too many times in a life threatening situation. I know I am lucky to be alive. Gun Control Laws do nothing to stop a criminal from harming the innocent.

The upcoming election and threat of a new AWB is what has prompted me to "Man UP" and procure a good stash of firearms and be prepared.

Having been raised in a conservative household has imbedded the RKBA in me for life. This is something I will share with my children. Personal Rights and Responsobilities are extremely important to me. My father served in Vietnam. He has not held a firearm since.

Really I just want to let you GT's know that I thank you for your commitment to your beliefs. We bear a heavy cross, and I wish you and your families unending peace.

PS. WHen can we get *****EDITED FOR POSTING VIOLATION*****spell check on this forum?
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