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Originally Posted by logartist View Post
I just bought one of those too. Picking it up this weekend. Mine has the DAO trigger...light, smooth and consistent. Will replace my Hungarian Walther pp copy in 9x18 and my Beretta Vertec will be house gun.
Well... went to the range this afternoon and found out how much I like the trigger of my new Millennium Pro 140SSP. As compared to my P3AT and G22, this trigger is smooth as warm butter. Fired a 100 rounds of WWB ball ammo and 10 rounds of Speer Gold dot. Not a single mishap with feeding and ejecting. Can not say the same about my shooting tho. Was about 6 inches too low with this Taurus but think I can fix that next trip out. Since I can't do the pocket thing with this pistol I guess I'll have to find some sort of waistband clip holster thing. Bet there are tons of those around.
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