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Not really a "You might be" story, but a decent story from my design class.

We were tasked with picking out 10 simple, yet successful, robust, simple designs. Then give a 5-10 minute presentation on it.

First off:
One group did one on the "modern bullet" (read: cartridge) and the professor stopped them in the middle of it and said, "Now, what is the name for this device?"

"Uh, a bullet"

"No, the bullet is sitting on top. You're doing a presentation on the modern brass cartridge. You don't want to confuse them."

Second Round:
We did a folding pocket knife, but also went other designs we thought of (some of mine were: Progressive reloading presses, the M1 Garand, the Picatinny Rail mounting systems, and the Civil War Minnie Ball Cartridges). There was a question on "What's a Picatinny rail?"

I just so happened to have KAC's website up on my computer and some spec drawings for the 1913 Rail system to explain it to the people in the class (they seemed a lot more interested in the rail system than a pocket knife).

Was able to pull 3-4 minutes on just explaining the Picatinny Rail and its integration onto many of the rifles currently used for Military, police, and home defense purposes.

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