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Originally posted by r3dot

If there are people that are like this as kids, I can only imagine what they'll be like when they're of age (if they aren't in prison)
Thanks for posting, r3dot. Here's to age 21. It sounds like you've had a few run-ins but have been lucky/smart enough to avoid making things worse. Armed or not, you're just trying to make it home at night. Good on you for making that happen many times over. Best of luck leading up to your 21st birthday.

As for the crazy criminals, I'd hope they're in prison, but that's a false hope--they aren't. Sure, violent criminals do some minimal jail/prison time, where they're truly educated in criminal tactics and have little else to do than lift weights and "talk shop" in their free time. But then they're released on "good behavior," and they're back on the street to engage in more mayhem.

So I'd add that another defining moment for me was when I learned about the revolving-door policies we currently have in the Dept. of Corrections throughout the nation.

"I work in Corrections. I know evil, and evil people are released into society every Tuesday."
-- Paraphrased from a member a few years back

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