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I live in a small town in NC with a low crime rate, but I also realize that crime has no boundaries. The BGs dont care how nice my community is or how comftorable I feel about where I live. I see in the news everyday and hear from my friends and family about the increasing violence all around the country and I feel that it is my resonsibility to protect my friends, family and loved ones.

I grew up in a very pro gun family and have always had a huge intrest in firearms and hunting. I guess the defining moment actually took took place over 3 years of getting to know a lady that a have became very good friends with. Long story short she was beatin and abused by a former boyfriend many years ago and even raped in a parking lot in broad daylight. Since meeting her and learning her story and hearing just a fraction of some of the horrible things that have happined to her I decided I wanted to be prepaired to defend myself and my loved ones. That, along with my love for firearms and the right to keep and bear arms is the reason I carry.
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