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CCW Reason

Talk to cops, the only real, uninterpreted way to carry a gun in your car, going to the range, ect, is to have a CCW. Forget what you heard, in a paper bag, in the trunk unloaded, on the dash, exposed on your hip...

Walk down the street with a gun on your hip, except in some podunk town in AZ and the cops will show up, at gunpoint.

A CCW allows you to carry and not be branded someone who is concealing a gun illegaly, it's $50 worth of insurance.

I never carry a gun, but I drive to the range, gun stores afterworld with the gun in a bag, in my car, that's considered concealed by many.

IMHO, having a CCW for all practical purposes is the only way to transport a gun without any issues.

If I need to have a gun where I live, then it's time to move, not safe for me, or family. If I need it for work, then I made that decision to carry.

If you get into a shooting, then having a CCW means you were atleast checked out, and you went through a class, that means you have some reasonable sense of training and that your somewhat upstanding, that helps you.
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