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Originally posted by Patronus
Glad you're here to talk about it--in mortality, that is.

Maybe in the next few days, or over the next couple of weeks, you could type out the full account of your robbery incident and share it. We'd like to hear the details for education's sake.
I am bored, so why not.

I was managing a Dominos Pizza in St. Louis city. Not a real bad neighborhood, but you knew you were in the city. There was a mag lock on the drivers door that secured the store. The front door for customers was locked. Anyway, I am doing food inventory about 11pm. Both drivers were on deliveries, and I was alone. I come around the oven towards the front of the store, and there is a kid, probably about 13 with a pubescent voice, wearing black "parachute" pants and jacket, with a white t-shirt wrapped around his face. But what I really noticed was the 1911 in .45. I did not own any guns at the time, but had grown up around them and knew what it was. Looking down the barrel is intimidating as it appears to be a sewer drain.

He yelled that he wanted the money. I was a few feet away from the front till, which had probably $60 in it. I opened it up and stepped back. He cleaned it out, pointed the gun at me, and wanted more money. I took him into the back office, where a till drawer was on the counter with several hundred in it "pre-counted" to make closing easy. There was a clipboard over the cash, but the coin was exposed. I didn't think about it, and opened the back till drawer where most of the money was at this point (~$800 IIRC, including checks which the little bastard also took).

While he was cleaning the drawer out, I tried to walk out. I was going to run to my car and just leave him there, calling 911 from my cell. He pointed the gun at me again, and made me come back in.

At that point he told me to turn around, which I did. He put his knee into the back of mine and pushed me down to my knees. He put the muzzle right against my head, about where the spine goes into the bottom of the skull. That moment seemed like forever, at which point he jerked, then ran off. To this day I am not sure if he pulled the trigger, but it didn't go off. No idea.

I didn't think to check to see that the hammer was cocked. If down, I could have shove it up his..... You can second guess that forever though, and just have to move on. The police never had a suspect, or contacted me after the initial report.

Two other incidents happened after that. I started carrying a S&W 3913 shortly after the robbery, and until I left Dominos I never went to work without. Anyway one night a scruffy looking big guy comes in with a big green army duffel bag. My phone girl (16 y/o 100#) is going to wait on him, and I am making pizzas around the corner, but in sight if I look over my shoulder. The customer bends down behind the counter where we could not see him for several seconds. Phone girl looks terrified, so I reach down, flip the safety off, and acquire a full grip w/o pulling from the holster. The dude pops up over the counter, pointing his "hand gun" (finger barrel), the starts laughing. Turns out he was mildly retarded, and hungry. I talked to him while his food was cooking, and explained how close he came to getting his brains sprayed all over the wall.

Yet another night I was delivering pizzas, with the 3913 in a shoulder holster under a jacket. Coming back to my car two thugs walking down the street say "hey pizza boy, what you gonna do if we decide to rob you?" As I reach in my jacket, break the thumb break, and flip off the safety I say "whatever the ____ I have to!". I did not remove the gun from under the jacket, and they decided to turn and walk away. Not sure if they knew I was armed, or if me knowing I was made me exude enough confidence that they decided to find something else to do.

Since leaving Dominos in 1998, I have never had a need to reach for a gun.
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