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Well, let me start by saying that this is no way ment to bash/insult the fine men & women in LE. But my move to get a concealed weopons permit stemed from an encounter with 2 young inexperienced police officer.

I was in my early 20's and had a gun in a zippered case in the glove box. Was comming back from a scuba diving trip in the keys when I noticed flshing lights.... pulled over and when prompted for reg, ins, and lic. I told the officer that they were in the glove box along with a gun. The guy freaked! asked me to step out put hands on the hood and called for back up. Dont know what he said but very quickly some other guy showed up and started to tell the other guy that I had committed a felony ( or something like was almost 20 years ago) was about to be cuffed when a sgt showed up. I asked him if I could ask him a question. This seemed to catch off guard ( guess because I was very polite and calm). Asked if it was against the law to have a cased gun in the glove box. he said not as long as it wasn't stolen... ( again details foggy) they checked out the gun and everythig tured out ok. and the sgt then suggested to get the CCW lic because this would avoid things like this from happening. They weren't jerks or nothing like that but other than the SGt. they seemed to be lacking knowledge ( and I mean alot) about how to clear a gun. the second on scence actually went to check the pistol (1911 which had a mag in it but didn't have 1 chambered) and ended up loading a round (never removed the mag) then didn't know how get the slide to stay open. I thought that he was going to have an AD. Worst part about it they let me go and I never found out why they pulled me over
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