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The adrenaline rush during that episode was an experience. I could barely talk for about 30 minutes because my throat was so dry. I had to drink a bunch of water and calm down before I could speak in complete sentences. A couple of days later, I scheduled the CCW class. I also bought a Mossberg 12-gauge security shotgun for the house. After I got my CCW permit, I bought a Glock 23 and a 27, along with a few holsters. I pretty much am either carrying or within 15 feet of a gun most of the time. I also now carry pepper spray and a one-handed opening folding knife (Kershaw or Gerber) or a hideaway knife in a sheath on a chain around my neck at all times.
This makes me smile I love it you went from nothing to an aresonal in about a day. and the ****er only got 18 months what a joke!

Glad you are safe

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