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Originally posted by C4talyst
I decided to carry simply because I am a firearms enthusiast living in a state that allows it.

I find a lot of people who decide to carry after encountering some life altering event are not truly prepared to do so. Firstly deciding to CCW because something has happened to you is a reactionary measure. A lot of these people think buying and carrying a gun is the solution to their newly found problem (fear of assault, family safety, death).

These owners are often not "gun" people and furthermore lack the skills and experience needed to safely carry and use a firearm. Many of these types of people think simply showing or pointing their weapong will resolve a deadly situation in the favor. They are sorely mistaken.

If you decide to start carrying a gun because of a negative event you have witnessed and encountered, get the proper training, to include mental preparation for taking another human's life.
Not sure that is entirely true. Lots of people in this thread had been shooting all their lives but just lacked that "final reason" to carry.

I know people who's wives just won't have it. As they say, they are just one assault away from changing their minds. It's a sad statement about society, especially in ritzy suburban areas. Being able to say to someone who ignorantly questions why do you have a gun "Because I got robbed and it's not going to happen again. Now stfu" is sometimes the necessary factor.

Like it or not, that's reality for a lot of would-be carriers.

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