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Originally posted by Jyanna
I just got tired of being scared. So I decided to educate myself in the ways that were available for me to keep myself safe and take ownership of my own life.
If you were living with even a low-level of fear prior to buying/owning/carrying a gun then the firearm itself is likely giving you a false sense of security.

If I were your instructor I would ask you to visualize someone breaking into your house with the intent to harm you. Imagine you are armed and awake and they are about to come through your bedroom door. What are you going to do, how do you feel? Has your heart rate increased just from imagining the scenario? Are you going to be able to point and shoot in an instant or are your hands going to be shaking. Perhaps you are frozen in fear and unable to even reach for your gun.

If any of what I've mentioned applies to you I would recommend a self-defense course, namely Brazilian Ji-Jitsu and/or Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Aside from being excellent sources of excercise, a small amount of proficiency with any form of martial arts will greatly enhance your overall confidence level.

Having a great deal of self-confidence from knowing you can handle yourself will have a positive affect on your ability to defend yourself with a firearm.
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