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When Michigan passed its "shall issue" CPL law back in 2001, I got my permit because...well, because I could. I rarely carried...I thought it was a MAJOR P.I.T.A., having to be aware of "Gun Free Zones", being concerned about my piece getting stolen from my car, etc. I let the permit expire without hardly a second thought in 2004.

On March 29, 2007, I was the victim of a home invasion. Now, before I go any further, let me clarify that I was NOT home at the time of the break-in. Yet my HOME was VIOLENTLY INVADED, along with my privacy and my sense of security and well-being. The thugs (I'm 100% convinced that there was more than one) kicked in my back door in broad daylight while my next door and across-the-street neighbors were home. The invasion was so violent (door frame shattered and the dead-bolted door essentially ripped off its hinges) that I'm convinced that they would have done great harm to me had I been home. They worked too hard getting in to then turn around and leave simply because someone challenged them. They made off with about $10,000 worth of electronics and other items, including a Mossberg 500 12 gauge.

So now there are at least two FELONS armed with MY shotgun who know that I own some expensive electronic toys, the layout of my house, which bedroom is mine (I live alone, so it's not hard to figure out where I sleep) what kind of door and window locks I have, what kind of dog I have (and that he barks a lot but doesn't bite) and what my schedule is (they broke in sometime after I left for work at 8:30 and before I got home at 4:30, and apparently took their sweet time considering the number of items they took). I'm not at all OK with any of this. I got very, very serious about my safety and security after the incident. My nightmare scenario is that I come home at night to find someone waiting for me inside my house. A CCW permit is just one tool in my effort to stay safe. Just this afternoon I turned in my paperwork at the County Clerk's office for my new permit.

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