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Until recently, I carried a G20 exclusively.

G20 Setup:
Extended slide lock, slide release, and mag catch.
3.5lb connector/NY1 spring.
XS Tritium Big Dot sights.
Wolff 22# spring/ guide rod.
2 spare 15 round mags.

It is loaded with 15+1 rounds of DoubleTap 165gr Gold Dot ammo.

Holsters are C-TAC (almost always), Tucker Gunleather HF2 (most other times) or (occasionally) Comp-tac Settable cant. Blade-Tech dual mag OWB carrier.

Lately, however, I have carried my new G29 about 50% of the time.

G29 Setup:
Extended slide release
3.5lb connector/NY1 spring.
Wolff 21# spring/guide rod.
Ameriglo tritium sights.
(sometimes) 2 spare 15 rd mags

It is loaded with 10+1 rounds of DoubleTap 165gr Gold Dot ammo.

Holster is usually a Bianchi Triad ankle holster, if not then the Tucker HF2 or C-TAC. I have pocket carried it in the 5.11s. Blade-Tech dual mag OWB carrier if I carry spares.

Sometimes I carry both.


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