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I thought I would chime in on this subject, those that have done this before it is pretty straight forward. MY first time let say it can cause one to nearly have a nervous breakdown. I LEARNED from my first attempt. So I IMPROVISED I HAVE a XCELITE PS120 KIT some may know that this is 8 small nut drivers and a torque handle. I found that the P-3 3/32" was the perfect size insert it( lock tab release ) half the way down
(1") with nut driver on handle & you can bring the base right on off if you are right handed (pull toward front part of mag) with left hand holding magazine left thumb following the base as you slowly move the left hand thumb to hold spring plate in place mag base now removed ( NOTE DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS) put extension on with right hand & slight downward pressure with left thumb floor plate just enough so base will slide over extension continue until rear of extension is on you will notice the front part of extension is now flush with magazine.If you have trouble pushing just use a sturdy flat surface and push on just reverse for left-handed . Hey folks I hope this will help I know others have give their thought so now I have too and I notice a 60 year young person said he could do it behind his back I may have to try that but I am 66 years old.

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