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Originally posted by pete1953
There is Nuckle's in Stanton
Ernie Nuckol's will be under new ownership shortly by a friend of mine. Ernie will still be there, providing hi excellent gunsmithing and stories. The shop will be 50 times more organized, I can tell you that much! If you could get half the stuff out of the backroom on the floor than it would do incredible business! anyway...
"Our silences are as articulate as our stories, are part of them, and they too can be held against us."

"As you go in on the Job, your career should follow a double arc, down and up at the same time: as you get better, the work should get worse, to graver tasks and tests. For Dante to find his Door, he had to go where it hurt to go: Are you feeling this? I ain't feelin' this. Good, this must be the way." - Eddie Conlon
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