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The base should slide right off...

If the interior base has flipped up... to the side... maybe even further up inside the magazine alongside the spring... not to worry. What holds the exterior mag base from just slipping forward off the bottom of the magazine is a small "tit" that pokes through the hole in the base, preventing the exterior base from slipping off.

The bottom of the spring holds the interior base down against the exterior base... and the "tit" in the hole. When you push the "tit" through the hole and the interior base flips... whatever tool you are using should be able to just slide the base forward off the magazine... and the spring will pop down and out, bringing the interior base with it. It's just like a jack in the box of old. When you put it back together... the spring goes in... pretty obvious the orientation of top and bottom parallel with slide and mag base... you push down the spring with the interior base... and while holding it down.... slip the exterior mag base over the interior one... and slide it on until it "clicks" and the "tit" pokes through the hole.

You should be "there"... just pull the base off... I doubt if you have broken it.

Good luck, Paul
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