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Hey Re,

Let me try these in order.

Ok, first up the nursing, what breed and at what age did you get him?
Regardless, nursing shows that he is not confident about who he is and where he stands in the pack. If he was taken from his mom at too early of an age, this will attribute to nursing behavior. Give him ONE blanket that is his and only his and let him nurse on it all he wants. It will help him build confidence.

Ball playing and Frisbee;
Again breed has a lot to do with it, some dogs will chase a ball till your arm falls off, others, could care less. Itís called low ball drive. You can google that term and find lots of good info. If he wonít chase anything, get him a 30-50 foot long lead and let him explore and be a dog like that.

On the E collar, first off I am a fan of them and have used them on my own dogs. But, judging from what you have told me so far, I would say your dog is not a candidate for an e-collar at this time. If I was your trainer, I would build the dogs confidence up first, then go on to off lead stuff. If you go with an E collar now you could do irreparable damage to his psyche. However it is your dog and your choice.

Originally posted by ReAX222
When he gets really excited though that's a different story, I give a command, he ignores me, I scold and then he follows through.
This tells me you have much more work to do ON LEASH, before worrying about off leash. You should never HAVE to scold, he should listen to you even if itís just above a whisper.

PetSmart is a good start, but it is entry level stuff. Find a GOOD trainer in your area, and have him come to the house. You will learn 3-4 times what you learned in Petsmart.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.
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