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I have several problems, and there is alot of info here to read. So I'll go ahead and ask the question that has stumped everyone else.

My puppy is between 1-2 years old and he nurses on blankets pillows, his stuffed animals, ect. I correct his behavor with a sharp HEY, but even after the last year he still does it. How do I stop him from nursing.

Next, he is very energetic and I would like to get him tired by playing frisbee. However he will have nothing to do with anything that flys through the air unless it's one of his stuffed animals. Even with his stuffed animals, it must be laying on the ground before he'll get it. I got him a frisbee that looks like a chicken (head, legs and wings) it has a soft mushy skin, it should be purfect. I have fed him in it for a week, stored hotdogs on it, rubbed his soft treates all over it and he will have nothing at all to do with it. How do I get him to catch a frisbe or even chase after a soccer ball?

I am going to try an electric collar for his lack of attention outside. Is it just a quick jolt and repeat my command, or do I shock him first for the first few days and then give the command? For the most part in the house, he will listen right off. When he gets really excited though that's a different story, I give a command, he ignores me, I scold and then he follows through.


PS, we have been through Basic and advanced obedience. He's changed alot sence the pound.
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