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Originally posted by G20man32904
Sounds like dominance to me.
Try using treats to pick him up and also while you are holding him.
You know you are probably right. He tries his very best to be the dominant one, but I never thought it could express itself in this way.

It seems to me, in my experience, that big dogs are easier to train than little ones. I can get other peoples large dogs to do what I say and act 10x better for me than they do for their owner in under 15 minutes, but my little mini-dog isn't like that.

When we go to the in-laws house (that have two maltese the same age), he constantly marks their yard (even though he is fixed), and when they play-fight, he loves for them to gang up on him so he can whoop both of their butts at the same time (even though he is the smallest).

Most of the time he does the backing away thing to me much less because he knows that I am more dominant, but he does it a lot with my wife and other friends of the family.

What are some general ways to express you dominance over a small dog like that (not necessarily just with this one issue)?

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