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Re: Re: Re: you might be a gun nut

Originally posted by Navy HMC

Well, my wife isn't a gun nut by any stretch, but she still likes to shoot now and then. About 5-6 times a year-which is great for me, more ammo for me to shoot. I really don't like to share ammo that much. Call me selfish, but more ammo for me is a good thing!
I personally don't mind sharing ammo. A gun nut buddy of mine went shooting with me the day after Christmas. He has a nice Norinco 1911. I said as we were on the way to the range "Did you bring that Norinco with you?" He said "Naw. I didn't have any ammo for it." I said "Well, man you KNOW I have plenty of the stuff! Think about it. Half of what I own is .45 Man! I take a case of the stuff each trip to the range! You know you're welcome to shoot up some of my ammo!" You know what the weird part is??? HE DID THE EXACT SAME THING THE LAST TIME WE WENT SHOOTING!

"If You carry a gun, they call you paranoid. That's Ridiculous! If I've got a gun what do I have to be paranoid about?" Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch.
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