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Re: you might be a gun nut

Originally posted by GunsRmyProzac
-if you can't wait for your kid to get older so you can buy "him" a new gun
-if you spend more time selecting ammo than you do grocery shopping
-if you practice shooting with both hands, just in case you come accross a really nice lefty(or righty for about 12% of the population)
-if you buy a gun you didn't really plan on just because "I like the way it fits my hand"
-if a 9mm vs. .40 argument has ever gone to a .44mag vs. .500mag argument
-if you ever ran short on cash and had to decide between ammo and food, and you figure you'd rather be hungry in a gunfight than full and full of holes
-if you've ever had a girlfriend say "its me or the guns" and reward the guns with a good cleaning and fresh ammo
1. Or if you buy him one while he's still in his mama's belly...
2. Nope. I know what ammo I need!
3. Good Idea!
4. No comment.........
5. No but it has turned into a .40 vs. .45 once or twice.
6. That guy had to have been a genuis! It was the late great Cooper right???
7. You guys date girls that DON'T LIKE GUNS?! How are you supposed to go on your dates to the gunrange with a girl like that?!?

"If You carry a gun, they call you paranoid. That's Ridiculous! If I've got a gun what do I have to be paranoid about?" Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch.

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