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you might be a gun nut

-if you can't wait for your kid to get older so you can buy "him" a new gun
-if you spend more time selecting ammo than you do grocery shopping
-if your tax refund just came back and your wife says "only one this time"
-if you practice shooting with both hands, just in case you come accross a really nice lefty(or righty for about 12% of the population)
-if you buy a gun you didn't really plan on just because "I like the way it fits my hand"
-if a 9mm vs. .40 argument has ever gone to a .44mag vs. .500mag argument
-if you ever ran short on cash and had to decide between ammo and food, and you figure you'd rather be hungry in a gunfight than full and full of holes
-if you've ever had a girlfriend say "its me or the guns" and reward the guns with a good cleaning and fresh ammo
If you can see it you can shoot it, if you can shoot it you can kill it, if you can kill it you can eat it, unless its people.
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