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I think you missed the point here...

Hi Misery,

From your comments, its pretty clear that you didn't use a tool long enough to 'flip' the mag base inside the mag. The allen wrench wasn't either long or stout enough. You can use anything with a shaft on it small enough to fit into the opening... like a number eight nail... or small diameter screwdriver (the point might scratch up the retainer but not hurt anything). A flat blade screwdriver small enough to fit works just fine.

You just push the bottom plate in with the screw driver at least 2 inches or there abouts... angling the screwdriver at about a 30 degree angle to one side of the mag or the other. You need the length so that there is room for the inner base to rotate 90 dgrees to the plate and slip past the screwdriver shaft. When it does, you will hear a click. You then just use your tool, still insterted, to slide the base forward, off the magazine.

Again, your tool was too short. They love to sell you Glock Armorer's tools.. but it is just a small screwdriver with the tip hacksawed off.

Good luck.

So what part of "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" do you not understand?
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