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Wow, sweet thread!

-If read the entire thread in one sitting, with a loaded AK-47 at your side.
-If a trip through Cabellas used rifle section turned into a disertation on WW2 rifles for your travel buddy.
-If you have ever ruined a good dinner conversation when the word gun was mentioned, and you took it way too far.
-If you've ever gotten part time work at the local gun-shop because you spend so much time there.
-Have wanted to shoot a water mellon with a 4bore.
-Wondered how you could get a hold of an XM109 and just how much ammo would cost.
-Had to tell a LEO claiming to own Class 3 equipment that everything he just claimed to posses did not qualify.
-Spend over 2 hours with a friend talking about just how fast the Ruger .204 moves.
-Wish you could mount a 30mm Avenger cannon to your Volvo.
-Consider selling your car for gun money.
-Had to choose between a wife and your guns.
-And decided she never really stood a chance.
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