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Originally posted by Walter45Auto
If someone says something about being scared that your GLOCK has no manual safety, and you take 10 minutes t explain exactly houw the GLOCK Safe Action System works.....
Sure fire way to get get one of the ME profs here on a tangent. On that note:

. . . if you've ever brought in a bare AR-15 receiver and the engineering drawing for said receiver into class for an. example of the forging process (Design for manufacturing)
. . . if you were one of 3 people in said class to ID the receiver as soon as the prof walked into the room.
. . . if you've ever asked the prof if the field trip for the class was going to be to the Colt factory.
. . . if you've ever tried to use guns as a way to sidetrack the prof for 10 minutes or so.
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