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you might be a gun nut

-if you wonder how various substances, liquids, vegetables would react when fired with all of your cartridges, singly or simultaneously
-if when watching shoot-em-up movies you get irritated at the amount of ammunition that can't possibly be flying and look at your own ammunition stash to see if you could show what it would actually take to do it
-if a friend gets locked out of their house and ask if you have a key, you bring a .44mag.
-if you can name every single gun in Mr. and Ms. Smith at first glance, and still enjoy Angelina Jolie
-if when your local range is shut down for "Law Enforcement Officer Training" they let you in to show what they could come up against, "however unlikely"
-if when watching television shows where guns are intentionally damaged to prove a point you want to give it a proper burial
-if you buy a new gun planning to sell an old one to pay for it, but "never get that far"
-if you're not quite sure why the cadence "this is my weapon, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun" is so funny (temporarily guilty until boot camp)
-if you try to involve guns in everything you do, such as fixing things, cooking, etc.
-if it doesn't matter why anti-gunners don't understand because you're right anyways.
-if when you make a large ammo purchase of 1000 rds or more, you get to your car and think, maybe just a few more boxes
If you can see it you can shoot it, if you can shoot it you can kill it, if you can kill it you can eat it, unless its people.
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