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thanks for the welcome, I enjoy GlockTalk, and especially enjoy you might be a gun nut if, so heres some more
You might be a gun nut
-if when your wife asks what you are doing online you show here the thread and she chuckles because she knows its true now, or will be soon (I skipped the sneaking guns in posts for my protection )
-if when you come home with a new gun wife asks "so how much is the next one gonna cost" sarcastically, and you answer, with 3.
-if when an anti-gunner tries to get you on their side by saying "guns kill people" you reply "I hope so, that's after what I paid, it better"
-if when cleaning your guns after the range you think "that's it?"
-if you spend endless hours researching how to make it "just a little better"
If you can see it you can shoot it, if you can shoot it you can kill it, if you can kill it you can eat it, unless its people.
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