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you might be a gun nut

-if they don't make a gun safe for the exact amount of guns you have so you buy the next one up thinking "I can fill that up eventually".

-if you think that just about 130 more threads and you can make a "gun-nut-a-day" calendar for the next 2 years.

-if when you go to the range everybody asks "can I try it"

-if you read every post on this topic and get all warm and fuzzy that there's a lot of people out there just like me.

-if you see a hole in your target that ain't yours and wish it was.

-if you can't decide which gun to hunt with, so you bring 3 because 5 might be overkill

-if you are worried that "if I'm armed this well, other people can be too" and later try to think of a way to help arm the LEO's better.
If you can see it you can shoot it, if you can shoot it you can kill it, if you can kill it you can eat it, unless its people.
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