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lead poisoning

Lead toxicity is an important topic for shooters.
Lead is also evaporated from the base of the bullet during firing. This means that there is more lead in the air near the firing line from a jacketed round nose which generally has exposed lead at the base than from a hollow point with a closed base in which the lead is only exposed to high temperature when it hits the back stop.
The other source at the firing line is the primer. Most contain lead styphnate as the primary explosive. When it goes off, the resulting gas does not go far from the firing line and can be inhaled.
You need good ventilation from the back of the firing line and out beyond the backstop when shooting, use latex gloves when handling lead, fired cases, and anything else that is contaminated with the waste from the primer, and wash your hands thoroughly before touching any mucus membrane or anything that go there, e.g. smoking, eating.
Of course I have no medical or toxicological certification and could be entirely wrong. And I actually don't use the gloves but I do a lot of prompt washing.
I also refuse to get a lead test because state law requires high lead levels be reported to the state department of health.
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