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Originally posted by Glockdude1
Several years ago, me and several of my shooting buds, helped a another friend of mine do that. He had 10 acres of land he was going to clear all the brush off of. We rode on the tractor he was using to clear his land. We rode on the front, sides and back of the brush cutter. The tractor was not moving very fast, so standing & shooting was a breeze.

The "targets" were field mice & rats, thousands of them!!! I lost count of how many times we went back and forth to buy more ammo. All we were using was pistols. One of the best 2 days of shooting I have had. I was using a Browning Hi-Power 9mm. 30rd mags do come in handy!!!!

I had never thought that there could be people who DID NOT spend at least part of their teen years doing this with a 22LR. Alas! The evils of being raised in a city. A "Gopher" is an entry level job for a "city-slicker" and a moving target for a country boy/girl. BTW 10 Acres is a garden. Try a couple 100K.
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