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Roanoke area

Roanoke Firearms
3312 Cove Rd, Roanoke
(540)366-9707 the guy on the far right is a GTOD regular, I'll let him ID himself
Lots of AR's, tactical handguns, and holsters. Good people.

2840 Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke
no website that I could find
Mostly hunting oriented, but with a pretty well stocked milsurp rack. Tends towards the overpriced, but they have always treated me right, and usually pretty friendly. Excellent stock of reloading supplies. I was in the Marine Corps with one of the counter guys.

Trader Jerry's
225 West 4th St, Salem
A gun show regular, TJ's has a little of everything - tactical gear, hunting rifles, and just got into reloading. TJ's son Aaron runs the Salem store, and is really helpful.
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