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- if your wife tells you that you left a magazine in her car and you ask her if it is the paper/picture/word kind or the holds bullets/goes in a gun kind
(guilty, happened to me after our beach trip this weekend, turned out it was my back-up G21 mag in the console)

- if you drive to the nearest newstand in a panic to get the latest gun mag because you have "to go #2" real bad (guilty)

- if you have a pile of scopes on your workbench right now because you can't figure out which one will look/work best on the project rifle laying on the other end of your workbench (guilty)

- if you keep buying parts for the next rifle project even though this one is draggin on so long (guilty)

- if you go to the gun shop to pick up an AR lower receiver but end up buying another scope (guilty)

- if two of your co-workers call you over because they are having a gun related argument and want you to settle it (guilty)

- if two of your co-workers are having the 9mm vs. 45 ACP debate and one of them don't want to call you over because they already know what you are going to say (guilty)

- if you use a catalog in the gun shop to prove to the new counter guy that the p/n for Hornady XTP/HP .45 ACP bullets is the same as the p/n for .45 GAP bullets because they are the same and not different calibers like he insist they are, and then go on to show him that the RCBS 3 die TC pistol die set is the same for both rounds (guilty, he tried to tell us that a .45 GAP was actually .32xxx in diameter but because the ballistics were so similar to ACP they "just called it a .45")

- if you keep thinking about personal experiences and typing them up as "you might be a gun nut" lines (duh... guilty
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