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You might be a gun nut

If you know the names of all your local gun dealers children and whether they will eat tonight or not. As in "Bob if I take 300 bucks for that gun, little Darlene will not get to eat tonight".

If your local dealer let's you leave a pair of reading classes at the gun shop.

If the local Police Dept's Field training officer has you stopped by the new rookies as how to handle traffic stops with CCW holder's cause they know you have a gun on. The third time which results in a nice discusion on how people can have legal machine guns.

If when you are getting your finerprints for another class 3 gun the rookie ask's what you need one for? When you explain that this is your third one He asks why 3 you explain by saying "Well you guys have two I figure I need 3" When he says " We don't have any machine guns" you explain by saying "yes, you do have a Colt Commando M16A2 and a Steyr MPI-69 submachine and that 100 bucks says they are in the property room right now". He then asks the Ast. Chief who confirmed they were there. You don't bother to explain that you helped the former chief do the paperwork on both.

If you and your friends can have a discussion with Pre, Post, Transferable, Form 3,4,5 sprinkled throughout without having to explain anything.

If you buy a second Colt 1911 because it's slides matches your frame on your current gun better.

If you buy a new coffee table where the top lifts up so you can attach a holster to it. Then wind up buy another gun to go with it.

If you buy a half dozen police trade in Ruger Speed Sixes so you can have an emergency gun in all your rooms. Yes including both bathroom's. Yes no kids in the house.

If you buy 20,000 rounds of 8mm because ammo just shouldn't be that cheap.
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