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I found a titanium striker in one of my parts bins, and installed it. It has a neat effect on the trigger pull. I have yet to try it at the range...probably today or tomorrow. As soon as I learn more and possibly see some pictures on reducing the mass of the original striker, I'll give it a try.

With regards to the sights, I'm just a few steps behind you. I have opened up the rear notch, and started using fiber in the front sight as stated before. I've gone as far as using a combat cut in the rear, which I like even though its .200 wide...for some reason I don't shoot that gun very well. I feel it's the aftermarket stainless barrel I'm using. I got to get someone locally to shoot the gun. Also, I like the ghost ring rear sights, but I can't shoot them too accurately past 10 yards.(Probably just me) On one of my carry guns, I've gone to a 1/2 ghost ring rear. It's fast and accurate.

I finally got the trigger safety figured out. I was reading too much into you instructions. I didn't notch the rear of the safety deep it can pop off the frame when pulling the trigger with a little excessive pressure. I will have to file a little more. My notch is about an 1/8inch long on the back side of the TS starting from the top.

Your item #4 regarding the trigger bar seems to be the "holly grail". I been going back and reading past threads, and this is a subject that is very well guarded. It's amazing the wealth of knowledge that is in the archives of "Glock Talk". I've been spending a lot of time reading these old threads.

I didn't know the pin holding the trigger safety is plastic, not metal like the other one. I'll just have to be more careful next time.

Have a good day....
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