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Striker weight--I have no idea, but it's light enough with 7 coils off the OEM striker spring to light off CCI primers.

I DP fiber optic front sight is .125. Using a opened up MMC the opening is square sided and has a lot of light around the sides of the front sight.

Deepening the slot in the trigger safety (TS):

When you pull the trigger you also pull the TS, this allows the notch in the TS to clear the frame at the rear of the trigger and the gun will fire. Since you have eliminated the take up the notch is no longer able to come forward enough the engage the fame, thus it must be made deeper.

If you have another Glock look at the way the TS works when the trigger is forward. See the lip of the TS that catches on the frame when you pull the side of the trigger? Since you've shortened the take up that notch must be deepened so it will once again catch on the frame.

As far as the trigger and the bar:

1. Dress the hole and polish the sides where the trigger moves on the trigger bar.
2. Polish the pin.
3. Install a metal baring in the trigger for the pin to ride on.
4. Move the location of the pin to provide more leverage to the trigger pull.

Added: After deepening the notch in the TS I took it out of the trigger heated the plastic spring and bent it out. This was done to insure the TS worked in it's new configuration. Take the TS out of the trigger the same way you got the trigger off the trigger bar.
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